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GOPAL NANDLAL INDIA NIDHI LTD is a Nidhi company having registered office at “Bigrabag (Kutra), Khatima, U.S.Nagar, Uttrakhand.” The Object of the company is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, saving habits and to render all financial assistance to our members only by receiving long and short term deposits and lend or grant loans to them as are allowed by law for Nidhi Company.

GOPAL NANDLAL INDIA NIDHI LTD has the rules and objectives of that are the same as a bank, but it is only in effect to our members who has agreed or joined this agreement. Nidhi have many features which make them stand distinctly apart from many other Non-Banking financial company who are working under the guidelines of R.B.I.

The way we provide service to our members is better than others and we are trying to make it much better as our aim is to provide extreme level of service to our members. We are trying to create new service method spontaneously. Gopal Nandlal India Nidhi Ltd.is presenting a pleasant way which will help people to lead the life comfortably. In few words we can Say that Gopal Nandlal India Nidhi Ltd is a new way of saving money.

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E-mail : info@gopalnandlalnidhi.com